Front-End Web Developer
Vector & Typography Artist and die-hard cat person.

Hi, I'm Ian Emsens. A front-end web developer with an above-average interest for vector art, design and typography. I specialize in implementing clean and efficient code in fresh solutions or alongside existing products and personal or corporate branding in a similar fashion.

I also sell my own shirts of Project Jackhammer. And if you'd like to follow me through social media, that'd be great!

View from the @flowpilots office right now. Beautiful winter #sunset


Project Jackhammer

Project Jackhammer is a series of portraits based on characters from the popular videogame Smite.

It aims to reduce characters to their essence by drawing them in a flat style and only showing their key features.

For now, you can see all of them here.

Weareimd Hoodies

A series of quick designs for the hoodie contest hosted by WeAreIMD.

I lost fair and square and ended up getting alot of practice with masking in this project.

Both designs are up here.




An application used to categorize and translate local linguistics, ranging from 'Oi, mate' to 'Fo shizzle ma nizzle'.

This experimental app was meant to be an accesible platform for users to help open their region up for tourism.

More in this album.


My first commission! Ordered by Youtube Personality TheG0ku, I created his brand and helped him out in integrating the provided graphics into OBS, a popular streaming software.



Guild Wars 2: Guild Emblems

Another contest I participated in, this time for one of my favorite games.

Guild Wars 2 is a game centered around guilds, large teams of players all working together, and I made a couple of designs for them while having great fun in the process!

A webdeveloper will remain in a state of demotivation until acted upon by a large enough force of frustration.

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